Interior Design & Decorating

$ 26.46

Tips, Tricks, and Advice from a Professional Interior Designer

Product Description

Do you want to completely redecorate your home, or maybe just make some updates to refresh the style of your home and bring it up to date, without spending thousands of dollars on an interior designer or decorator?

Or maybe you have a specific style in mind that you want to emulate, but aren’t sure how to get started. If any of these desires resonate with you, this book is the one for you! Through this detailed, creative content, you will discover:

The different styles of interior design
The right tools and resources to become successful at decorating
Some basic tips and tricks to prevent common mistakes when redecorating your home
And much, much more!

This is an opportunity for you to express your style and personality in your home through a manner that will leave you feeling confident and content with your newly redesigned space.


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