Bake from Scratch

This cookbook is totally awesome. 395 pages chucked full of recipes and beautiful pictures. Excellent recipes and easy to follow.This series of books is just wonderful for bakers. There are such a wonderful variety of recipes if you want something a bit easier or a real challenge, There are tons of recooked in the book and lovely photos so the book is a very good value. I highly recommend it!
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Product Description

Meet the cookbook for bakers, by bakers. This recipe collection from the brilliant minds behind Bake from Scratch magazine is a triumph of dough and batter, butter and flour.

This latest collection of over 650 recipes from the editors of Bake from Scratch magazine features step-by-step tutorials, tried-and-tested recipes, and stunning photography. This cookbook will have you mastering yeasted breads, layer cakes and so much more.

Showcasing fresh, seasonal ingredients and celebrating tradition and history, this edition will offers something for every baking skill level from novice to expert. So, dust your surfaces with flour and preheat your oven, bakers. Let the baking begin! With gorgeous photography accompanying each baked good, you’ll find a wealth of visual inspiration and tutorials to guide you from beginning to bake. All recipes have been tested and retested with the home baker in mind, formulated to be both accessible and exciting. Celebrate the joy of artisanal baking with this essential tome.


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